Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village

204 Gotcher Avenue, Lake Dallas, Texas

The Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village is a 13-lot tiny home on wheels community and is the first tiny home village of its' kind located within a city limits. During a three-year process Urban-Retro painstakingly tackled each part of the process. While the process was challenging we ended up with a beautiful small village of amazing homes and nice people. The village has a common courtyard made of grasscrete, a treed back yard with picnic tables, old school metal chairs and a popular fire pit, a community garden area and a cute washateria. 


Lake Dallas Bungalows

Market Street, Lake Dallas, Texas

The Lake Dallas Bungalows is a four-phase project by Urban-Retro made up of one and two bedroom units with striking curb appeal. Phase One was completed in 2019 and includes four extremely popular and colorful rental units, each with nice upgrades and quality materials. Some of those materials were reclaimed from other structures, including historic homes and buildings. When Phases Two through Four are completed, the Lake Dallas Bungalows will include 14 individual residential units with courtyards. There were 50 applicants for the four units.


Main & Market

Main and Market Streets, Lake Dallas, Texas

 Main & Market is a seven-unit mixed use project built in 2006 by Urban-Retro that includes four commercial spaces on the first floor and three loft apartments upstairs. The facade designs herald an old-school Main Street motif and were designed primarily by our student interns. The commercial spaces were built to accommodate all types of businesses including offices, retail and food services with large front windows and a large open space. Two of the loft apartments have private entrances and private stairways up to the second floor. One loft has a nice outdoor stairway. All have outdoor decks. Large windows bring in plenty of light. Occupancy on these units has exceeded 95 percent since built. 


Johnson House

209 Main Street, Lake Dallas

Parts of the Johnson House date back to the late 1800s. The home was purchased by Homer and Eva Johnson in the 1950s and expanded over the years. The home was scheduled for demolition due the poor overall condition but a last minute decision was made to rebuilt the home into a cute cottage. After an 18-month renovation and rebuilding by Urban-Retro the home looks as good as new. The home has been used for both commercial and residential uses since 2006. This property has had an occupancy rate of 95 percent since the renovation.


Woodman of the World

275 Market Street, Lake Dallas

Dating back to 1908, the Woodman of the World Building originally housed a old-time general store with the community's post office in a back corner. The upstairs was a lodge hall for the Woodman of the World organization. At some point the upstairs became residential units and the downstairs housed retail businesses and housed a church in the 1980s. Urban-Retro purchased the building in 1991 and completely gutted the structure rebuilding it with many of the original materials. Three loft apartments are now upstairs and the downstairs is used for commercial purposes. This property has had an occupancy rate of 95 percent since the renovation.